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Filtering Statistics and Information
Current totals


A total 1,159,772,893 malicious messages have been blocked by OCS Central Filtering

The most common method of virus transmission is via email. If OCS is your ISP or manages your email, dedicated servers on our system automatically pre-scan all incoming and outgoing email, checking for virus attachments before each message is either delivered to your mailbox or sent on to its external destination. Our servers are in turn connected centrally to global anti-virus research laboratories, which provide us with automatic updates as soon as any new changes are posted. (See also OfficeScan for complete security solutions.)

Everyone is fed up with junk email, otherwise known as SPAM. The primary question is, what is spam to some might not be to others. By default, email spam filtering is disabled for all of our subscribers and may be activated individually, per mailbox, via our secure UserAdmin section. When activated, the OCS spam filter blocks a high percentage of incoming mail identified as spam. Our email scanning servers are connected centrally to a global anti-spam research service, which provides us with automatic updates as soon as any new changes are posted.


Ever stumbled onto a pornographic website by surprise, or any other site you consider objectionable? This is what Internet web filtering is for. Obviously, what is objectionable content to some may not be to others. Parents may also have children "home alone" after school, before they get home from work. Or, businesses may want to restrict the type of content employees may access. Web content filtering might include pornography, or adult themes that include gambling or violence, or even personnel recruiting sites. Our system allows you to choose what you want to block. By default, web content filtering is disabled and may be activated individually via our secure UserAdmin section.

Virus, spam, and web filtering are free services to OCS subscribers
Email-only service is available for those with Internet access other than via OCS
Click User Admin to activate filtering options for your account
Contact Customer Service for more information

Disclaimer. The centralized OACYS Security Services (email virus scanning, email spam filtering, web content filtering, wireless firewall, and OfficeScan services) are extremely efficient and each blocks a very high percentage of its intended traffic. All but the optional OfficeScan are free to our subscribers, and spam and web content filters include individual preference controls. While all of these services are also available in other products, they are provided by OACYS in a centralized bundle as an additional value to our customers, which reduces their need to manage multiple different and sometimes conflicting products and renewals and update procedures. But despite the efficiency of our services and the dramatic reduction in risk they provide, they are not warranted to be 100% effective 100% of the time, the Internet is simply far too vast, nebulous, and constantly changeable to make any such claims or assurances realistic. OACYS can therefore bear no liability for any inconvenience, loss of data or down time or other damages, or possible costs to repair any problems related to the types of traffic these services are intended to filter or block. See also the Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability section in the OACYS Internet Service Agreement, under Subscribers > Usage Policies at www.porterville.com.